Jingyang (Ray) Rui graduated from University of Hong Kong in 2021 with economics and finance major, focusing on quantitative methods.

He led the complete pipeline design and development of programs in FinRL-Meta, and the work got accepted by one of the world’s best workshops in this area, the Data-Centric AI Workshop, NeurIPS 2021.

His career objective is to become a leading engineer in the AI for finance field and contribute to this cross-disciplinary field.


Zechu (Steven) Li graduated from Columbia University in 2022 with Computer Science major, focusing on deep reinforcement learning research.

He led the FinRL-Podracer project, and the work got accepted by ACM International Conference on AI in Finance, 2021.

Zechu is applying for PhD programs in Fall 2022 to continue doing research in DRL-related fields. Feel free to reach him out at zl2993@columbia.edu